What's Included


Our luxury villa sleeps 14 people, has a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, lots of space and more importantly, it’s own fitness garden, all outdoors!

Not only does it have an outdoor gym for strength & conditioning training, it has a large area for cardiovascular and conditioning workouts, a volleyball pitch, astroturf pitch and yoga deck. Plus of course the pool!

We will be bringing you fun and challenging workouts, focusing on strength and endurance, whilst learning how to effectively sculpt and shape your body.

We cater all workouts for all abilities. Whether you are a newbie to lifting weights, or have lots of experience in the squat rack, you’ll find the workouts a great learning experience when it comes to perfecting your technique. Add to that outdoor hiking adventures, beach fun and relaxing with restorative yoga at the end of the day. You will also enjoy time in between all these activities to lounge around by the pool, explore your surroundings and soak up the glorious sunshine.

With our passion to share our experience and knowledge with you, we will be bringing to you a fun-filled fitness week in beautiful surroundings.

We aim to delivery you a great experience, with lots of useful take-home tips to improve your own training and confidence in the gym, and to learn how fitness can be a lifestyle!


Our Personal Chefs Wild Thyme will be bringing you a menu that provides sustained energy, nutritionally-dense, wholesome foods with a healthy balance of protein, carbs and natural sugars to keep you fueled and energized throughout the week. Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner & home made snacks are included as well as plenty of drinks (water!) to keep you hydrated and in addition teas, coffees and juices.

Learn how food can be your fuel, as well as get you the body results you may have been trying to achieve for a while! We also have delicious & exciting post-workout protein smoothies fueled by NutriStrength to keep you going!


Some of the activities included are:

• Daily workouts

• Beach activities (location dependent)

• Scenic hiking

• Yoga & Meditation

• Interactive cooking workshop

•  121 Consultation & PT session with Mirella & Lorraine

Optional extras:

• 121 PT sessions available to book with Mirella & Lorraine

•  Massage

• Group farewell dinner at one of Ibiza’s endless choice of amazing restaurants.

• Mountain biking

• Boat trip

• Stand up paddle boarding

• Surfing

• Trail running

• Car hire

• Outdoor private cinema


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