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Welcome to Your Fitness Project!

Who are we and what do we do?

Meet the YFP Team…Mirella & Lorraine. We first met in 2013 at a fitness conference in London where we learning about nutrition, macros doing the all important industry networking with our colleagues and peers. After that we used to bump into each other at various seminars, workshops and expos on the fitness circuit. Fast forward from there we began to hang out socially and have since become great friends. Now we’re always seeking out our next adventure together!

Our businesses were almost parallel my way of what we were doing. And our fitness retreats just an ocean apart. And so we decided it was time to make things more official. Your Fitness Project was born!

Our background takes us both back to many years spent in the corporate sector.

Jobs which paid the bills but that never really fuelled a passion. For both of us, true motivation and passion for life came from all things health & fitness. And you could call it a “lightbulb moment” which was what made us both jump ship into making what was just a hobby for ourselves, into a reality. A chance for us to share our passion with others and to help others in the pursuit of their dreams and goals.

Our experience has taught us many things. Mostly that our clients and followers need compassion, understanding and balance to feel motivated and to achieve their fitness goals. What works for someone, may not work for someone else. So we focus on everyone as an individual…individual lives, needs and support. Fitness for us is a lifetime project. And we love to use our experience and knowledge to help others with their own personal fitness project.

Ultimately that’s why we’re here. To help lead you to a healthier, fitter and stronger lifestyle.


Hey I’m Mirella! I’m a mummy of two children, my daughter Atari Maya and son Ruben, and I live in Ibiza.

I’ve spent the majority of my life enjoying fitness! I had a pushy mother who used to drive me towards different things...ballet, athletics, gymnastics, even judo! (thanks mum!) But it wasn’t until I had my own mind that I started setting myself my own challenges, from endurance sports to stepping on stage in fitness competitions. But simply, my love for fitness has always come from the feel good factor it brings.

It wasn’t until I made the leap...changed careers and began working in the fitness industry, that I realised what a blessing it could be that my passion for something so huge in my life, could be used to help others. For many years now I have really enjoyed helping to teach my clients and followers how fitness can be part of their lifestyle.


Hello there! I’m Lorraine – my friends call me Lori!

If you want to feel good, enjoy fitness and love chocolate we already have a lot in common. We like a balance in life!

My passion in the fitness industry started over 20 years ago and grew to a point where I realised my desire was not only in feeling fit and healthy for myself, but I wanted more. I realised that I wanted to help others become the fittest and healthiest version of themselves too.

It took over 10 years of a personal training career and the founder of 2 personal training practices in Gibraltar to finally allow me to expand my horizons into places like Spain mainland, Ibiza and beyond through Your Fitness Project.


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